Abstract Series


I joined as an Art Teacher after my BFA graduation .The struggle for existence started in my life. Being the breadwinner of my family, my focus was completely on earning a lively hood. Thus I became too busy in taking home tuitions in art after the school hours, when I am travelling during the day in the busy streets, I have observed the rushing people, busy traffic, concrete jungle with heavy hoardings everywhere around me. All these accumulated thoughts in my mind helped me to form a different view about my surroundings. In my art practice I used to enjoy only with representational forms rather than non-representational forms, in a due course my mind started receiving unconditional joy out of non-representational forms and colors in my art. This experience made me to study my unconscious. My journey towards learning and creative thinking led me to abstraction which added a special flavor to my body of work with an unaltered, free flow of color. The transparency and texture gave my work a special feeling. My work largely draws from the subconscious.